Demographic trends in aerospace

Different industries have different demographic characteristics. This is not a particularly surprising observation. As a young adult, I had jobs in industries that employ a high proportion of youth, including restaurants and retail. Other industries such as manufacturing, education and government are characterized by older workforces. Continue reading

Middle wage jobs return to the economy

Editor’s note: In May, we published a report noting that more jobs were added to Washington’s economy than were lost during the recession. We received a comment on our Facebook page asking about the quality of those jobs. It’s a good question. We passed it to ESD labor economist Paul Turek and asked him to review the data. You might be surprised by what he found… Continue reading

Question: When should you file your weekly claim? Answer: Weekly!

Thank you for your apology, but next time please file your weekly unemployment claim on time.

We routinely fix the mistakes of unemployed workers by reopening their claims when they miss the deadline. Our claims center agents are polite about it. They’re human, too, and they know that when they respond to calls on Monday mornings many will be from unemployed workers who for one reason or another failed to submit weekly benefits requests before the cutoff the Friday before. For example… Continue reading

Sweet news: It’s cherry season!

The great Columbia Basin cherry harvest is in full swing. Cherry trees are producing their luscious fruit in orchards and neighborhood yards throughout our region.

You may be fortunate enough to have a cherry tree in your yard —but even for those of us who don’t — it’s usually only a short drive to a nearby orchard to satisfy the craving for fresh and delicious cherries.

Cherry season not only provides fresh fruit, it also adds nearly $385.2 million dollars to Washington’s $9.12 billion agricultural economy. Continue reading