Part-time workers eligible for unemployment benefits, too

Did you know you can work part time and still collect unemployment benefits? In fact, a part-time or temporary job can help your unemployment benefits last longer.

The key is to tell us how many hours you worked and how much you earned for any week you claim unemployment benefits. Depending on your earnings, you may qualify for partial benefits.

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How many commuters were potentially affected by the SR-530 slide?

The March 22 landslide across SR-530 effectively cut the communities of Oso, Darrington and Swede Haven off from the rest of Snohomish County. Many people who live on one side of the now-closed SR-530 and work on the other side now face substantially increased commutes via alternative routes.

To understand the extent to which the community was affected, it is helpful to know how many people use SR-530 for work-related commutes.

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When is a flat unemployment rate good news?

On March 19, we announced that Washington’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for February was unchanged from January, at 6.4 percent, while jobs grew by an estimated 2,500.

In assessing the report, our labor economist said, “That’s a positive sign. The economy is holding its own.” Many people may wonder why it’s a good sign that the unemployment rate didn’t get better.
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Washington state “grape power”

Did you know that Washington’s grape production is second only to California?

There are two origins of the state’s grape and wine industry. The earliest history of Washington wine starts with 1825 plantings of the first grape vines in Fort Vancouver, by trade workers from Hudson’s Bay Company. The second origin of started in the 1860s and 1870s, when immigrants from Germany and Italy settled in the Walla Walla area and started larger grape and wine productions.

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