Washington’s wage recovery

Anneliese Vance-Sherman is a labor market economist with the Employment Security Department (ESD). She covers Island, King, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.

The unemployment rate has been on a downward march since early 2010, and the number of jobs in Washington has continued to climb, reaching pre-recession levels in late 2013. Based on these two metrics, there is no question that we are in a recovery mode—yet the recovery has not reached all Washingtonians—and certainly not all in the same way.  Another meaningful metric we can look at is wages.
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You’re invited: 2014 Olympia Economic Symposium: Washington’s economy & Seattle’s minimum wage increase

You’ve probably seen the headlines: WASHINGTON’S ECONOMY ON THE REBOUND & SEATTLE’S MINIMUM WAGE HIGHEST IN THE COUNTRY.  We invite you to come learn more about the stories behind those headlines.

On Thursday, October 30, ESD’s Labor Market and Performance Analysis (LMPA) office hosts the 2014 Olympia Economic Symposium.

Our keynote speaker will be Mark C. Long, Professor of Public Affairs and adjunct Professor of Economics at the Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington. He’ll talk about Seattle’s minimum wage increase.

He’ll be joined by the director of LMPA, Cynthia Forland, who will speak on the state of Washington’s economy. Other topics include the state’s labor market, wage trends and using open-source data effectively.

Register online by October 24. Registration is free, but seating is limited. Find detailed event information at the Labor Market and Performance Analysis website.

Ryan Leisinger is an Assistant Deputy Director in Employment Security Department’s Information Technology division.

Mudslide and wildfires call ESD to duty

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Demographic trends in aerospace

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Middle wage jobs return to the economy

Editor’s note: In May, we published a report noting that more jobs were added to Washington’s economy than were lost during the recession. We received a comment on our Facebook page asking about the quality of those jobs. It’s a good question. We passed it to ESD labor economist Paul Turek and asked him to review the data. You might be surprised by what he found… Continue reading