What are employers looking for? Check out our top 25 lists

Employment Security’s office of Labor Market and Performance Analysis (LMPA) just created new reports designed to shed some light on what today’s employers are looking for in workers.

These datasets, called Employer Demand Reports are based on online job postings. They reflect the top 25 skill sets and certifications sought, as well as the top 25 occupations and employers. Detail is provided by county, and is updated monthly.

Top 25 occupations report

Click to see a larger view of the top 25 occupations.

As a measure of real-time labor demand, this information is popular with job seekers, businesses, economists, researchers and journalists.

These reports are based on The Conference Board’s Help Wanted OnLine® (HWOL) data. The methodology for the data collection is described in The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® Data Series Technical Notes. The reports are presented in both PDF and as data in a downloadable Excel file.

Ryan Leisinger is an Assistant Deputy Director in Employment Security Department’s Information Technology division.


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