Employment Security offers help for employers

By Chad Pearson, Employment Security’s Shared Work marketing manager

The Employment Security Department isn’t just “the unemployment office.” A full suite of business programs is available to help employers succeed.

For instance, consider the Shared Work Program. The business climate is improving and unemployment is down in Washington. Yet, participation in the program continues to be strong because more employers are learning about it. This short video shows how the program helps both businesses and workers.

WorkSource offices around the state can help employers recruit and interview prospective employees. Soon, upgrades to the go2WorkSource.com website will bring a dynamic job-match system to help connect employees and employers.

In addition, many WorkSource locations are currently hiring specialists to focus attention on helping professionals and college graduates find jobs and provide the talent employers need.

On the Employment and Economic Information website, employers can find data about current wages, benefits and other industry-specific information to help plan for the future. And the automated employer help line, 888-836-1900, helps employers find answers to questions about taxes and wages or request forms.

Employment Security experts can explain how employers can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, a program allowing employers to claim a credit on their federal income tax when they hire veterans, ex-felons, people with disabilitites and those receiving public assistance.

Companies try to stay two steps ahead of the competition through innovation, management or great employees. The Employment Security Department can provide the tools to help employers maintain their lead.


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