New agency website launches

By Ann Hartman, Communications Office

Employment Security launched a redesigned, rewritten and refreshed agency website on June 30, giving job seekers, employers and unemployment claimants better access to – and a better understanding of – the resources they need.

After more than a year in development, the new improves on the old site in many ways, said Scott Peterson, multi-media and Web manager in the Communications Office. First, the website uses what’s called a responsive design, meaning it looks good and works well on personal computers as well as tablets, smart phones and other mobile equipment.

“Many of our customers are using mobile devices, so it’s really exciting that our site will function well for them,” said Peterson.

Second, the new website uses a persona-based layout, designed from the perspective of sample users (personas). The home page of the old site offered only two main categories: unemployment and employers, Peterson explained. Those choices didn’t adequately reflect the agency’s varied customers – job seekers, unemployment claimants, tax payers and business owners – who often fit into more than one of those categories at a time.

Home page of the new

The new agency website home page calls out categories designed for Employment Security’s main user groups. The old site had only two categories: unemployment and employers. The new home page also highlights easy-to-find links to commonly used applications.

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