#Power of a job: WorkSource gives two job seekers advice needed to land new jobs

Happy Workforce Wednesday!

As partners in Washington state’s WorkSource system and the American Job Center Network, the Employment Security Department helps people – unemployed or not – find new jobs and learn new skills. We help them experience the life-changing Power of a Job.

Every week, we spotlight a different Power of a Job success story. This week, we bring you Kathryn Scott of WorkSource Thurston County. Kathryn proudly shares how she helped two people devastated by a layoff to find new jobs. She invites others to come to any WorkSource office in the state to find the same support.

Here’s Kathryn’s story:

I first met John and Jana when they came to WorkSource after being laid off. They were design associates, both working 30-plus years for this employer, and were devastated with the loss of their jobs. I assisted with a re-employment action plan to get them connected to the resources here.

They’d been out of the job hunting market for a number of years. They didn’t have resumes and hadn’t had an interview in years. I connected them with workshops here at WorkSource, and we did some one-on-one career guidance as well.

John got a job in Beaverton as an audio-visual professional. The position paid more than his previous job. As an additional benefit, John was able to relocate where his daughter and family lived. Jana got a job in Seattle. They’re both gainfully employed and pleased with the services they received here at WorkSource.

I want to share one of the excerpts from John’s letter to us. “You and your teams perform such an important service to those of us who are sometimes shell-shocked and need to discover, manage, rise up, dream again and pursue, keep trying and persevere to stay the course in their job search.”

They were both very thankful for the services they received and the connections they made here at WorkSource.

So, I encourage you to come to WorkSource to see how we can assist and connect you with resources you need to get your next job. And whether you’re unemployed, or working and looking for your next job, please come and take a look at what we can offer you wherever you’re located in the state. There’s a WorkSource office in each area of the state to assist you.

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