#Power of a Job: Road from prison to WorkSource leads to a career, then on to…WorkSource?

It’s Workforce Wednesday, and today we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Power of a Job story series.

Washington State Employment Security Department Commissioner Suzi LeVine marks the occasion by stepping in front of the camera to interview a WorkSource customer. She introduces John Cardona, who found a job with help from WorkSource Rainier after he was released from prison. Fate brings him back to tell us – and you – the story of finding himself back at WorkSource Rainier.

Commissioner interviews customer to mark Power of a Job anniversary

Suzi LeVine: “Welcome to Power of a Job, a blog and video series of success stories about the powerful effect a job can have in someone’s life.

I’m Suzi LeVine, commissioner of the Washington State Employment Security Department and I’m introducing today’s video because we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of the series. Real stories from Employment Security, WorkSource staff and our customers demonstrate how we connect thousands of people every day to jobs and careers.

We also have stories called Powered by Jobs about connecting employers to the talent they need to make their businesses thrive.

In honor of this one-year milestone, I have the honor of interviewing John Cardona, who found a job with help from staff at WorkSource Rainier. Please help me welcome and meet John. Such a pleasure having you here.”

John Cardona: “Nice being here.”

Suzi: “First, John, I would love to understand: How did you get to this situation, where you were looking for a job.”

John: “Well, I ended up in this position because I’d recently been released from prison and needed to find a job. I was at a halfway house on Capitol Hill and they suggested WorkSource. It happened that WorkSource actually came to the halfway house and introduced themselves to us. I thought, this sounds like a really cool place where there’s a lot of resources, and I could use all the help I can get to find myself.”

Suzi: “What were some of those resources you took advantage of?”

John: “There was resume building and a network of tools available to apply for jobs. There’s also a website [WorkSourceWA.com] with so many available jobs, so much other information and relevant help. I knew if I used it correctly, I would be able to find a job. The website even has a personality test so you can find a job that caters to your personality. I was very interested in that test, to see where I would fit.”

Suzi: “So where did you end up?”

John: “I ended up working for an HVAC [heating, venting and air conditioning] company. I actually knew this was the right job because while I was in prison, I received training for the job and I knew I would enjoy it when I was out.”

Suzi: “Let me just get this straight: When you were in prison, you were learning and gaining skills so that you could be ready when you left?”

John: “Yes.”

Suzi: “That’s kind of awesome. What’s the name of the company for whom you work?”

John: “I work for TEC Mechanical.”

Suzi: “That’s great they were excited about having you come on board. So, how did we find you again?

John: “Well, you guys actually found me again, because my company contracts for this Rainier WorkSource building. I came here in my third week of working for TEC Mechanical and fixed one of your air conditioners here.”

Suzi: “We’re able to enjoy a hot day in a cool room because of you.”

John: “Yes.”

Suzi: “So what’s next for you?”

John: “I believe I want to keep going and see where this career takes me. Continue with my company, see what they’ll give me. I know I want to work as hard as I can for as long as I can.”

Suzi: “Are you going to do additional training or are you gaining more skills?”

John: “I’m always looking to gain more skills. Right now, I’m a student at Shoreline Community College, learning clean energy technologies. I can use that in my field of work right now. I just need to figure out how I can use that clean energy technologies in my HVAC job.

Suzi: “Talk about a growing area of need in our state and across our country. John, thank you so much for sharing your incredibly inspiring story. I think a lot of people will learn from it. Thank you to the folks at WorkSource Rainier as well, for helping John find this incredible job.

If you’re interested, you too can take advantage of WorkSource and the great people who work here. Every year, we have thousands of people who find a job through the services we provide, so come and join us. Check it out. WorkSourceWA.com.”

The Employment Security Department is a partner in Washington’s WorkSource system and the American Job Center Network. We help people – unemployed or not – find new jobs and learn new skills. We help them experience the life-changing Power of a Job.

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