#Poweredbyjobs: Business services specialist understands retail — and all employers!

To wrap up Careers in Retail Month, our Powered by Jobs post this week comes from Christina Chesnut, who’s well acquainted with retail businesses in Thurston and Lewis counties.

Today we catch her at a job fair at Capital Mall in Olympia doing what she’s good at: supporting employers by connecting them to their next great employee. Her story illustrates the partnerships within the workforce development system. Her success depends on the collaboration and teamwork of the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council and WorkSource.

And here’s Christina.

We’re here today for Careers in Retail Month at Capital Mall in Olympia, where we’re hosting a job fair at Macy’s. We have about 25 companies here, and so far today, over 100 job seekers have passed through.

I work for our Business Services team through the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce for the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council. My role is to help take care of business customers in the workforce system. We provide services like wage analysis and workforce plans, as well as opportunities like this job fair and events at WorkSource centers or at a company’s site.

We partner with other organizations, such as city transit and the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, to give local businesses the support and resources they need.

As we’re wrapping up today’s job fair for Careers in Retail Month, we would love to invite you to come talk with us through the WorkSourceWA.com website. Or, reach out directly to one of our business services representatives at WorkSource.

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